10 Ways to Increase Website Conversion

Many people ask this question, because conversion is one of the important indicators. Conversion is the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the number of users who performed a useful action to the total number of site visitors over the same period of time.

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To date, the average conversion of 1-2% on sites. For some services, the conversion can reach 50%. 

The content of the article:

  1. Comfortable grip shape
  2. Unique selling proposition
  3. Mobile version of the site
  4. Online chat
  5. Hypersegmentation
  6. Site loading speed
  7. Messenger buttons on the site
  8. Callback Widget
  9. Quiz
  10. Video reviews

Comfortable grip shape

Long forms for the site visitor are tiresome. In most cases, the fewer fields, the higher the conversion. Use only those that are really necessary. If you’re not going to call, don’t ask for the phone. For many people, this is a barrier.

Any application is a stress for the user. To reduce it – give the choice to the client to indicate a convenient method of communication, how it is more convenient to contact (phone/WhatsApp/Telegram…)

What you can do: leave only the fields you need and write a catchy offer.

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Unique selling proposition

Benefit – this is the first thing that a site visitor should see, which he will receive by using your offer. If you are no different from your competitors, then find how you can attract a client.

What you can do: Emphasize what user problem your product solves. Use the U4 formula when making an offer.

Mobile version of the site

Mobile traffic is growing every year. If your site is not adapted for mobile devices, then you will simply lose most of your visitors, since 60% of users prefer to use mobile devices for searching, because it is more convenient to do it at the moment.

What you can do: Adapt the version of your site for mobile devices and make sure that it is convenient for viewing.

Online chat

The modern user likes to communicate directly with employees for details. Give the visitor the opportunity to get answers to questions in real time, without being distracted from the site page. An experienced seller will be able to increase the conversion and move to the next stage.

What can be done: add online chat to the site.

Hyper segmentation

Hyper-segmentation is a tool that will help you work out the portrait of your target audience in detail and select a profitable offer for each request. Using it, you can definitely increase the conversion of your site.

What can be done: add a relevant substitution of the main elements (offer / background image / call to action).

Site loading speed

This is actually problem #1. Does the site take more than 3 seconds to load? Most will close the page without ever seeing it. Now the best companies are aiming to reduce the time to one second in order to increase the conversion of the site.

What you can do: check how fast your page loads. Use PageSpeed ​​Insights or Pingdom. They will help you understand what slows down the process and what elements can be optimized.

Messenger buttons on the site

Use quick and easy ways for a visitor to contact you – instant messengers. Firstly, it is convenient for the client, especially from mobile traffic, and secondly, it is less stressful, since in our time correspondence is a more comfortable form of communication.

What can be done: add messenger buttons to the menu or make a separate block so that the user can immediately contact the company manager.

Callback Widget

Callback widget quickly connects the operator with the client. Its advantage: the speed of the call and the possibility of free communication with the company manager, which increases brand loyalty. The client does not need to wait on the line until he is connected to a free manager.

What you can do: Add a callback widget to your site.


Quiz is a short quiz at the end of which the result is shown. Quiz conversions are usually higher than simple capture forms.

What can be done: think over the sequence of questions in the test that you need to ask the site visitor and give some “bun” for passing the test and leaving contact information – a fixed discount / catalog / free measurement …

Video reviews

Reviews in video format will increase visitor confidence. Such reviews give an advantage, as a potential client will not only read the information, but will hear firsthand about your professionalism and competence.

What to do: Ask clients to make a video (no more than 1 minute) in which they talk about the results of your cooperation. Reviews will increase the credibility of your company.