5 Stages of cosmetics development

Turnkey product development includes several simple steps. Finally we get the finished result that meets your desires.

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Technical task

A technical specification for the product is being drawn up. You choose the basic type of product: cream, milk, tonic, serum, scrub, etc.

Desired effect: moisturizing and nourishing, anti-wrinkle, restoration, toning, anti-aging.

Purpose: for dry, oily, problematic, sensitive, aging skin, for the skin around the eyes.

Also appearance, smell, ingredients, expiration dates, etc.

Recipe development

Based on the terms of reference, the technologist creates a unique recipe (formula) for your cosmetic product from the optimal ratio of cost and quality, taking into account your wishes.

The formula is created individually for you, ensuring the uniqueness of the cosmetic product in the market of the cosmetic business.

Development takes 7-14 business days.

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Before launching a batch of cosmetic products into production, the technologist creates ready-made samples of cosmetic products in order to evaluate their properties and choose the most suitable option with the maximum declared characteristics.

After that, the finished samples are transferred to you for approval.

Only after you are convinced of the quality of the cosmetics produced by us and the compliance of the sample with the terms of reference, we can start its production.

Product manufacturing

According to the recipe, cosmetic products are produced under the control of a technologist.

Samples of finished cosmetics are taken to check for the following quality indicators:

  • physical and chemical;
  • organoleptic;
  • pH of the product;
  • thermal stability;
  • accelerated aging;
  • microbiology.

Packaging of cosmetics

At the final stage, the finished product is packed in the container of your choice. We package finished products in the following types of packaging: bottles, jars, tubes. For your cosmetic product, we help you choose the right container from the items supplied to the Ukrainian market (bottles, jars, etc.).

Also, if necessary, we can seal the container with foil, which will ensure the tightness of the product and control of opening.