8 Benefits of affiliate marketing

There are not many win-win ways in advertising promotion, in which both the advertiser and the direct executor receive significant benefits at the same time. But affiliate marketing is that rare unicorn.
Of course, like any instrument, it needs proper tuning. But the results are excellent and we tell you about them in this article.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a symbiosis of 3 parties where each performs its own tasks. Here is who is involved:

Advertiser (product creator)

Product owner. The advertiser tells about the product or service that needs to be advertised and determines the budget for its promotion.

Marketing partner (publisher, affiliate)

In essence, it is the seller of the advertiser’s company. The publisher’s task is to stimulate potential customers in one way or another to use the product or service of the advertiser: buy, subscribe to the newsletter, register, download a trial version of the program – in general, take a conversion action. Accordingly, for each “success” the affiliate receives a certain percentage of money.

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Customer (traffic source, potential buyer)

They are also visitors who go to the landing page.

Now is the time to answer the most important question: how can affiliate marketing benefit your business? So, the point is that…

You pay only for the result

You pay the publisher (or the affiliate network that represents it) only for the completed target action, that is, for the agreed result that you were expecting.

Affiliates strengthen your brand reputation

Reputation scandals are the most unpleasant business, from which there is no 100% insurance. Any marketing in which you put the reins in the hands of other people is not time to save money, so try to partner with someone who understands what they are doing. It is not just the price tag that distinguishes professionals from charlatans. Experienced marketing partners do not make too loud promises, they speak confidently about their business and are ready to answer additional – and even tricky – questions.

Depending on the specifics of your business, two options are possible:

  • Affiliates. Most often, they act as gray cardinals and therefore they can promote both completely legal products (cosmetics, clothing, equipment, etc.) and walk on the edge (sports betting, online casinos, adult content etc.);
  • Influencers. Collaborate with bloggers, vloggers, tick tokers and reputable websites. Due to their “openness”, this type of promotion is suitable for businesses that have nothing to hide.

It is cost effective (for you)

Even a pedestrian crossing can be drawn for ten years if the payment is hourly. Meanwhile, as we already mentioned in the first paragraph, cooperating with publishers, you pay only for the result achieved. Accordingly, all such risks as “ it did not work out” and “the audience did not accept” concern only the marketing partner.

It is an easy and affordable way to increase the profitability of your business.

Sometimes the simpler, the better. It is still much cheaper to set aside a budget for affiliate marketing than to shoot a beautiful advertisement or order a complex promotion. The best part is that you must not wait three years from the promise. In most cases, the first results are visible already in the first month of promotion.

You can adjust the promotion of your business

In affiliate marketing, customer desire is the law. You directly influence that:

  • Where will your ad appear? Social networks, search engines, a specially created advertising landing page? Or maybe all together?
  • What methods will be used for this? You do not believe in the power of email newsletters or keywords? You can ask the affiliate not to use these techniques.
  • In what tone will they talk about you? Discreet or modern? With black or white humor? Without finishing or all the cards on the table? Of course, tone-of-voice directly depends on the target audience, so the specialist really knows better how to present everything correctly. However, your wishes are also taken into account.

You can advertise anything you want

In general, there are no limits to affiliate marketing. There is a customer for each product and a publisher for each object for advertising.

It helps to expand your audience.

Pretty fast, very effective, and quite safe – sometimes affiliate marketing sounds too good to be true, right? But in reality, the secret of success is simple: it is just that good marketing partners already have their own loyal audience and resource (website or social media account) ready to generate traffic and, accordingly, customers.

Affiliates drive you traffic quickly

New customers, good brand awareness, sales boost and you do not even need a sales team or in-house marketers to do this. This is the main advantage of affiliate marketing: what previously required hiring a large team now falls on the shoulders of publishers and opinion leaders interested in additional income.


As you can see, affiliate marketing is full of great opportunities for scaling your business that are definitely worth taking advantage of.

We hope this article helped you better understand the issue. Good luck!