How does the HR system work?

What is a personnel management system? This is a corporate software used by managers and HR specialists. The program includes a set of tools that allow you to work with personnel.

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What is a personnel management system? This is a corporate software used by managers and HR specialists. The program includes a set of tools that allow you to work with personnel. In particular, it includes:

  • planning and task setting tools;
  • work with a database of employees and potential candidates, which is segmented and personalized to the needs of the company;
  • selection tools, evaluation, comparison charts;
  • analytics tools to evaluate employee performance.

This is not a complete feature set. CRM system for HR includes a large number of functional tools that are customizable to business needs. And if it is developed individually for the enterprise, then you can create your own tools. Individual development is more expensive, but it works much more efficiently, and pays off in the middle distance.

Types of personnel management systems

In the broad sense of the word, the personnel management system is a method of interaction between an employee and a company. It is based on 3 main principles: economic management, direct impact, socio-psychological contact.

Economic personnel management is the control of financial flows, including salaries, bonuses, loans, rate setting, fines and other financial details. Direct impact is communication with employees, securing their rights and obligations. This includes contracts, employment agreements, defining the functions of personnel and monitoring the performance of work. Socio-psychological contact is an understanding of the state and motivation of employees, which is very important both for solving the company’s work tasks and for the professional growth of an employee.

All these principles are combined into a single structure. This is how a CRM HR system works. It combines all these aspects into a single body of company management.

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CRM systems for HR

CRM system for HR is a digital tool that allows you to control interaction with employees using modern technologies. The workspace has convenient functionality, comfortable visual display and the ability to customize tools to suit your needs.

Benefits of using

The digital HR platform opens up new opportunities for the company. The personnel management system provides the following benefits:

  • The ability to set the role and certain privileges for employees.
  • Provides detailed information about the staff, including position, status, department, personal details, salary, vacation schedule, and more.
  • Allows you to set tasks and identify responsible employees, and the control system makes it possible to fully track the progress of tasks and evaluate the effectiveness of an employee.
  • Stores personal data about each participant, including not only full-time employees, but also potential job candidates.
  • The HR system allows you to collect reports in a convenient form using visual components and detailed information. The report format is easily customizable.
  • Integrates with other services including Google Workspace, calendars, mail, cloud, LinkedIn and more.
  • Allows you to configure the distribution of messages, including automated distribution to candidates.
  • Workforce automation works well. It includes saving contacts, preparing a series of letters, automatically assigning tasks and monitoring their implementation, collecting data and other actions that help an HR specialist automate a number of workflows.

All these advantages allow you to take the company to a new level and manage employees more efficiently. Your employees are the most valuable asset that brings profit to the company. Automation of work processes and control over the execution of tasks will allow you to identify weaknesses, strengthen them and understand how to develop your business.

Difficulties with the implementation of personnel management systems

The personnel management system is an effective tool. But there are a number of difficulties with implementation, including:

  • The implementation decision is made by completely different people who will use the tool. So, you need to convey the value of technology.
  • Boxed products often do not meet the requirements of the company. They have to be finalized, for this you need to hire a specialist, or use the tools that are available. The solution is simple: create a personal solution that will be tailored to the needs of the business.
  • There is an opinion that only large companies need a CRM system for HR. But even if there are 7-10 employees on the staff, their work efficiency will be higher if business processes are automated and controlled using digital tools.
  • Another difficulty is psychological. Many HR specialists work “the old fashioned way” and are not ready to switch to new systems. But the technology is easy to learn and makes life easier for HR professionals.

All difficulties can be overcome. Contact us to discuss the specifics. We’ll figure out how effective the tool will be in your case and how it can be implemented. Let’s make quality products and improve business together.