10 Proven ways to increase website traffic

Having launched a commercial site, the owner is looking for ways to effectively promote it and attract additional traffic from various sources. There are several popular ways to accomplish this task. We will talk about most of them, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each channel, in this review.

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Tools for external and internal SEO promotion

Search engines adjust the site’s SERP, depending on its compliance with the requirements. These are usability, adaptability, uniqueness of the posted materials.

Link mass is taken into account – the number of sources linking to your site. Equally important is the quality of the links. If needlework forums are redirected to the automotive theme portal, the method is doubtful. When choosing sites, directories, study their ratings. It is easy to find lists of “white” directories on the net, for cooperation with which there will be no sanctions. The rating of the source, its attendance, are crucial.

Advantages: this is work for the future, giving a long-term effect with constant traffic. Increasing ICS, trust.

Disadvantages: not suitable for quick promotion, holding promotions. Search engine ranking algorithms have changed significantly. Now links give no more than 10% of the total organic traffic.

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Buying contextual advertising

By setting up an advertising campaign in Google Adwords, buying traffic on specialized sites, you get a quick effect. Traffic is easily converted into leads. When promoting a commercial project, you get an increase in sales.

Before launching contextual advertising, it is necessary to draw up a detailed diagram showing the break-even point and ROI. When calculating efficiency, the following factors are taken into account:

  • direction of the company;
  • competition in your market segment, in the region where promotion is carried out;
  • marginality of goods or services sold;
  • advertising costs, services of specialists involved in setting up and running campaigns.

Advantages of the method: fast growth, precise targeting (region, gender, age, interests), any number of ads for selected key phrases.

Disadvantages: high risks of rapid “burning” of funds. Significant costs.

Buying banner ads

Five years ago, this method could bring quick results. The owner of the Internet resource received a significant increase in traffic. Now there are thousands of bots on such sites that click through the entire budget. Users react negatively to banner ads by installing blocking programs.

Pros: traffic is cheaper than in Adwords and its analogues.

Cons: The conversion is lower than most methods. High risk of ad clicks by competitors. Clicks and impressions are paid, no guaranteed leads.

Advertising and promotion in social networks

Many companies in the world have official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, their own Youtube channel, and even broadcast live from events.

Advantages: if you have a specialist, an SMM manager on staff, you get free traffic.

Disadvantages: long-term promotion of the group, financial costs for its filling.

Purchase of direct advertising on the site

If you need targeted traffic, you can buy direct advertising. However, immediately get ready for impressive expenses without guarantees. 

Attracting motivated traffic to the site

By running bots, you don’t get sales. Also you can’t adjust behavioral factors. If the tasks are performed by real people, you can significantly increase the site’s performance in search results.

What is motivated traffic? These are platforms and applications where people earn money for completing tasks. They browse pages, follow links, download something, and are active on social networks. You can create any action scenario that allows you to convince Google of the popularity of the promoted resource. By improving the statistics, you can profitably sell ads on your site or forum.

When choosing a site, you need to study its reputation, read reviews, and figure out how it works. There are many services that offer similar services.

Thanks to motivated traffic, you get a rapid increase in traffic to your site, improved SEO indicators, and behavioral factors. You can also create any templates for user actions by writing any algorithm where and how the user should click.

Among the shortcomings of motivated traffic, one can single out the complete lack of conversion into leads.

Specialists in SEO promotion and Internet marketing recommend a combination of external and internal SEO, purchase of contextual advertising, link building, and motivated traffic. The combined method is much more effective than launching separate advertising campaigns.

Traffic exchange services

If your goal is to get organic traffic that converts into leads with real sales, buying traffic on the exchange will not suit you. The technique is relevant for artificial cheating of indicators. However, search engine algorithms easily track such manipulations.

Crowd Marketing Techniques

This method of promotion is considered more effective and reliable than traditional advertising on the Internet. It is based on a scheme of gradual promotion of a brand, product, company. For this task, schemes are used to form public opinion through forums, thematic communities. The effect of artificial “word of mouth” unwinds slowly, but gives more stable results. Only groups, forums of a suitable orientation are used. Crowd marketers do not place direct links. They only mention the promoted object, the site, talking about its merits, the successful experience of using the product. Such a soft recommendation form is better perceived by the target audience.

Benefits: after implementing the scheme, you get a significant amount of targeted traffic. These are not bots, but people who are independently looking for you on the network.

Disadvantages: significant initial investment, time costs, preparation of content and its placement on numerous Internet resources.

Catalogs, bulletin boards, databases

Having enough capital for promotion, the site owner can use directories, message boards and marketplaces. They have good traffic, you get targeted traffic. These are not bots, but real customers interested in your offer.

Advantages: only targeted traffic.

Disadvantages: Accommodation costs and a significant number of competitors in most areas.

Email mailing of announcements, promotional and promotional offers

With or by purchasing your own email database, you can start an email campaign. Here, as in any advertising, it is very important to set everything up correctly. It is necessary to find specialists who will design the content, think over chains of letters containing a minimum of direct advertising, and a maximum of information that is interesting to a potential site visitor.

Advantages: cheap and fast traffic.

Disadvantages: some users may be dissatisfied with mailings. There is a risk of being sanctioned. The conversion to leads is negligible and mostly from your own clients. Not suitable for new companies that do not have their own database of addresses.