The pros and cons of affiliate marketing in 2022

Is affiliate marketing good or bad? Exactly this question is asked by those who want to start making money on the Internet. And few of them find the exact answer. It’s all because of a large number of different opinions. The time has come to close the existing problem once and for all – to consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

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Is affiliate marketing good or bad? Exactly this question is asked by those who want to start making money on the Internet. And few of them find the exact answer. It’s all because of a large number of different opinions. The time has come to close the existing problem once and for all – to consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Let’s start with the strengths. Affiliate Marketing is full of merits – it is not for nothing that in the US alone it accounts for over 15% of all electronic commerce (e-commerce). The benefits of affiliate marketing are manifested in many ways – let’s focus on the most remarkable.

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Easy to start

Anyone can become a brand partner in the World Wide Web – the threshold for entering affiliate programs is very low. Working within the framework of Affiliate Marketing does not require start-up investments and even knowledge. You can promote products from anywhere in the world. The main thing is a creative approach to finding new customers, attracting them as buyers.

Focus on marketing

The benefits of affiliate marketing are clearly manifested in its focus on promotion. A person does not need to create his own agency or develop a name for himself in order to do what he loves. There is no need to take care of the dispatch of goods and their warehousing. The brand agreed to cooperate – you can fully concentrate on marketing. No unnecessary noise in the form of reporting, legal niceties or extra overtime. The partner is fully focused on advertising strategies and product promotion.

Passive income online

Participation in programs from advertisers brings passive income. This means that with the right promotion, you can easily do other things while the money itself “drops” into the account. Of course, there is no “ceiling” for income. It all depends on the industriousness and desire of the person himself. Potentially, you can reach a decent level of earnings in a short time and no longer think about permanent side jobs.

Convenience and flexibility

The benefits of affiliate marketing are also clearly manifested in its comfortable conditions. In fact, the partner is his own master, and his earnings depend entirely on the efforts made. You can work at night, every day or only on weekends. The schedule is easy to customize. At the same time, no one will require you to come to the office, prepare reports or stay up late for improvements. All work is done at home.

Billion dollar business

From flexibility comes the ability to work with any type of company, from small businesses that have recently entered the market to established players in the market. Even a large manufacturer, known throughout the world, needs constant promotion and an increase in the size of the audience. If a specialist cooperates with one of these organizations, then it is obvious that in the future he will be able to get rich without any problems. This is especially true for affiliate betting programs – an extremely profitable type of cooperation in the CIS, since gambling has long become a tradition with us.

Market-ready audience

No need to process potential buyers – as a rule, they are already ready to buy the desired product. All that remains to be done is to bring them to the desired location (via a link to the manufacturer’s website). This greatly simplifies the work of a person who is engaged in attracting an audience. She already wants to buy the product – you just need to point them to the ideal place to meet their needs.


 Flexibility can be viewed not only from the position that it is possible to work with any number of companies. A person can easily change from one type of business to another. Marketing is a universal tool that can be easily adapted to the conditions of a particular industry, whether it be gambling, services or financing.

Education through earnings

In Affiliate Marketing, there is actually no such thing as education. Training takes place along the way. This expresses the strong advantages of affiliate marketing – a person acquires the necessary skills and knowledge through practice, and does not sit for hours on meaningless lectures. Along with education comes income. More earnings – more successful education, respectively. This is a unique approach whereby the employee does not pay for a service, but receives money for working within a particular service.

High income potential

As already noted, there is no “ceiling” for profit in the industry. The level of income is tied to the efforts of the partner himself. The potential here is almost limitless. It is easy to imagine how much income a person who successfully attracts clients for a couple of large brands or their affiliates will have. They are willing to pay more than they can get at a normal job. A potentially high level of income not only pleases, but also motivates for further professional growth – these are interconnected phenomena.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Pros and cons of couples affiliate marketing implies a comprehensive review. So far, we have only encountered its strengths. It is time to get acquainted with the nuances, since there is no activity without “pitfalls”.

Commission payment

Commissions (remuneration for attracting customers) are the very “bread” of the partner, because of which all the work is carried out. Their size makes up the bulk of a person’s earnings. It is easy to guess that the amount of commission directly depends on the program of the brand (company). In affiliate programs for betting and gambling, as a rule, the reward is quite high. But if the partnership initially involves small payments, then it is obvious that you should not expect big earnings. In this case, it makes sense not to be limited to only one program and to look for additional cooperation.

It requires a lot of patience and hard work

If a person is promised “mountains of gold” literally immediately after the start of work, then it is obvious that this is a cheap trick to attract attention. No activity brings large profits immediately – you first need to lay the foundation for its emergence.

No control over competition

The pros and cons of Internet marketing, as well as affiliate marketing in particular, are perfectly manifested in competition. The industry is in constant competition. What does this mean for a newbie? On the one hand, there is the opportunity to develop and declare oneself without fear of receiving sanctions or comments. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to become a victim of dishonest behavior. Partners fight each other for clients and advertisers, and, as a rule, only the most cunning wins. Such uncontrolled competition obviously affects beginners badly in the first place.


As in the case of freelancing, this does not imply that a person will have his own organization and his own boss. Here they do not pay wages on a monthly basis, and in case of illness they will not pay sick leave. This disadvantage applies to any self-employed profession, and Affiliate Marketing is no exception. The partner needs to constantly think ahead about what he plans to do in the next month or six months, so as not to run into financial problems or lack of orders.

High competition

Now the Internet is the main platform for promotion, advertising and job search. It is clear that online competition has reached colossal proportions. Affiliate Marketing is no exception. To break into this industry and stay afloat, you will have to compete with a large number of other potential partners and individuals who are also fighting for the hearts of the audience.

Choose the right product

It’s easy to talk about making money when you’re partnering with a brand, a product that’s already on the market and that many consumers know about. For example, a casino affiliate program, as a rule, already implies that the audience is familiar with the products. Another thing is just to start your journey and choose small companies that need new customers. Accordingly, an incorrectly chosen product for promotion can become an obstacle to obtaining a large income. In this case, not only earnings, but also the partner’s reputation may suffer. There are a large number of scammers on the market, and from contacting them there is a risk of being blacklisted.

Working as a third party supplier

Affiliate Marketing implies that the partner will work from the side, and not together with the advertiser. He is not a full-time specialist – he does not have any guarantees under an employment contract or competent advisers. Man must rely only on himself. This applies not only to the selection of suitable advertisers, but also to the formalization of cooperation. As a third-party supplier of customers, the partner must present himself correctly – clearly know his rights and obligations under the program, sign agreements and perform other actions.


Is affiliate marketing good or bad? Obviously, this question cannot be answered unambiguously. Affiliate Marketing has both pros and cons. The main problem is that people often see only the positive aspects, completely forgetting about the existence of nuances.

The importance of affiliate marketing nowadays cannot be overestimated. It makes up the lion’s share of e-commerce and is responsible for attracting a huge number of customers. Large coverage is a guarantee of potentially high profits. But there are also associated risks. If a person wants to become a truly professional with a high level of income, then he will have to work both on strategies for attracting an audience, and on himself.